A couple reports from this week

We are down in Islamorada for a couple weeks and are ardent but pretty casual fishermen.

Fished Monday in few spots West and South of Sprigger Bank.. Never really got the Mackerel going but did land a Dozen or so and had some cutoffs. Lovely day, boat ran well, and my grad school daughter caught most of the fish. I was busy tying bad knots and replacing baits.

Fished with my wife today on a snapper hunt. Moved around some cuts in the near backcountry and used up all the shrimp. Mostly small snappers and plenty of them.. Got behind some mangrove islands and stayed out of the wind.

I do have what i am sure is a major rookie question. We were fishing in the park and had several 11" fish. Which rules apply, State or Federal ?? We just wanted like 4 fish for dinner and only got 1 over 12". Not wanting to deal with trouble we just opted for the longer limit. Just have to eat more beans and rice tonight...

Tomorrow we may assault the patch reefs if the wind cooperates.. Any thoughts on that would be most helpful...


  • ShallowSaltShallowSalt Officer Posts: 195 Officer
    In my not-professional opinion, this page here seems to imply that you would adhere to state regulations first and then defer to county regulations, whichever is more strict. Look at the second bullet on the last page. It came from a current link on the Park website, but the link seems to imply 2012, so be sure to look a little closer. I'm sure someone can give you more first-hand knowledge.

    Thanks for the report either way. Glad you were able to get your family some fish at least a few days. Good luck out there!
  • ParksideParkside Greenhorn Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    We were back at it today.. The water was super clear on the ocean side with minimal current where we were. No luck, so we went on back to Florida Bay.

    We now have a professional opinion on which rules apply. We got stopped by a Park Ranger and after we passed our inspection with flying colors, i asked my question about which rules apply. State rules apply with specific exceptions about quantities and species ... The brochure Shallow Salt references is very useful..

    Fishing for us was not too spectacular, but running in that clear water is really cool... Tons of turtles, too....
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