Osceola outback, anyone ever been there?

I saw this place in osceola county where they have lakes stocked with tons of barramundi. I am such a snook and bass junkie that barramundi looks like the perfect blend. Has anyone ever been there? It says it is 200$ for four hours of fishing. The place is called Osceola outback. It looks mad Awesome.
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  • RemoteRedsTroutRemoteRedsTrout Posts: 408 Deckhand
    I've seen it on a couple fishing shows probably around 2 years or so ago. It wasn't stalked that long ago so i think the biggest they had then was around 12 lbs, i think they mightve been averaging ate. On the shows I saw it on they were seemingly getting big ones every cast. Definitely want to try it out someday if its as good as it seems
  • Big JohnBig John Posts: 577 Officer
    couldn't do it myself, to much money
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