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FS: Hobie Evolve v2 Motor / Torqeedo Ultralight v2

Happy New Year!

Unfortunately I closed 2013 with fishing line caught in my Hobie Evolve (torqeedo ultralight) prop and it shorted the motor. The authorized service center quoted me $900 including labor to repair it. Other than the motor everything is in perfect condition, the system was not used much and I've owned just over 1 year. Have receipt and will ask the dealer for a written estimate.

With new priorities for 2014, I've decided to not to spend the $900 to repair the evolve and attempt to sell the kit for spare parts to raise funds for a more versatile kayak (super skinny water friendly.. eg. Flamingo & Chokoloskee) to augment my Pro Angler 14. I'm currently interested in a 2012 Revolution 13 or Outback.

The retail value of the working (very good condition) parts are..

battery: $720
remote throttle: $256
cabling: $100
propeller: $100
proprietary Hobie Mirage body/frame/mount and miscellaneous parts (e.g. torqeedo motor housing, mounting parts, etc): (guessestimated $250)

I'm asking for $1000 cash and local pick up. I'm open to trades and can add cash if your trade is worth more. Your welcome to test it of course.. you can test the remote throttle, battery, inspect the remaining parts, etc. If you bring your motor you can fully test the remote throttle. My motor is shorted so the remote will say E30 error.

I'll post photos when I pick up the kit from the dealer later this week.
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