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Kayak Gaffs for Sale

I just picked up some very nice looking Calcutta bamboo and will be making some 2ft-3ft custom Calcutta floating bamboo gaffs. All are coated with rod finish epoxy. Gaffs come with a gapped cork tape underneath X wrapped heat shrink grip, rubber butt cap, and with a 2/0 gaff hook that is wrapped with one continuous wrap around gaff hook shank and up the neck of hook. Many color options available.

This provides an extra strong gaff hook that looks good too. I can also make any length that will fit your fishing needs. I use 2/0 Mustad gaff hooks and have other sizes upon request.
If you're not familiar with Calcutta bamboo, it is what all the sportboats and commercial boats use on the west coast because it is strong, light, and flexes like fiberglass.

Pm me if interested.

Thank you,


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