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So the plan was to take a couple firefighter buddies from work to a couple stands I have on public land in central florida and get tham setup for a chance at a deer or hog. I was pleased to take out a couple buddies but placing them both in decent spots left me limited on where I should go to "get out of the way". There was always the old ladder stand I had put up for archery and then never sat in, and it was only 500 yards walk from the last place I would have to drop someone. As I walked in I met up with 2 other hunters who were still hunting past the stand I had intent on. We chatted for a moment and I let them know that that was where I would be till dark they were very polite and said they'd be back this way but not until well after dark. After about 20 minutes in the stand I determined that whoever had set it up (me) was incompetent and hadn't hunted deer before or they would never have left a stand so poorly trimmed with so few shooting lanes and all of them good for only left hand shooting.
It was now 4:30pm and it was time to do something. The stump approximately 30 yards in front of me looked inviting, and the view couldn't be worse than this stand. I made the move, settled in and was ready to wait till dark or once one of my buddies shot something. I began to hear what sounded like antlers on brush but couldn't believe that one would be making a rub this time of year. Moments later the very grey back of a deer was visible through the underbrush approximately 60 yards in front of me, and I saw the glint of horns. Only problem now is he's headed away and may not come back into view, that and because I was not expecting rutting behavior now I am without a grunt tube or horns.
It was now 5:15pm and it was time to do something. Once again I made the move. I moved quickly but quietly, all I needed was to get around the brush in front of me. 15 yards forward and to the right and I could see movement ahead. At 90 yards he was feeding away, and in chest high brush. I still hadn't seen anything more than he had curve to his rack, but his neck was clear and thats all I needed. Bang, and he disappeared. At that range a .270 hornady superformance 130g sst is nasty, but did I miss??
It was now 5:20 and I was done.Once again I made the move. This was one of the longest 90 yard walks Ive made, and although I knew I couldn't have missed the back of my mind haunted me. For the first time in over 20 years of killing deer, this one didn't shrink, **** did he grow.
It was now 5:25 I was a long drag from my ride and this cypress knee ridden swamp was going to be bad in the dark with no flashlight dragging this beast. More slowly now and with painstaking effort not to mar the horns or cape I made my move . . .

Just got done scoring . . . any guesses?


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