Randy Wayne White

Anybody on here read his books. Pretty good read to me. I always get a book for Christmas from my school teacher Aunt. He referenced Florida sportsman in his book I read. Nite moves


  • ducknfishducknfish Posts: 3,821 Officer
    I've read most of his & enjoy most of his Doc Ford series. I've always enjoyed novels with ties to areas I've visited, hunted or fished & many of his books fit that bill.
    Not sure if it really matters anymore but his first books had a chronological order to where the second incorporated aspects of the first, etc..
    I'd recommend starting at the beginning & going in order. I probably have several somewhere & you are welcome to borrow them any time.
  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    I went through the Travis McGee series by John D. Macdonald and then ran into Randy looking for more books on a similar vein (Florida, fishing, mystery, etc.) I enjoy Randy's books.
  • BeachRum1962BeachRum1962 Posts: 162 Officer
    His non-fiction stuff is real good too although the Doc Ford novels are what made him famous. Try "The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua: True tales of adventure, travel, and fishing" . My favorite Doc Ford novel was "North of Havana". He has a Rum Bar/Restaurant in Sanibel http://www.docfordssanibel.com/
  • cprcpr Posts: 9,309 Admiral
    I've read and enjoyed most of his books. Haven't tried the restaurant.
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  • brotherinlawbrotherinlaw Posts: 3,375 Captain
    Robb White's Flotsam and Jetsom is a good read also
  • BeachRum1962BeachRum1962 Posts: 162 Officer
    Robb White's Flotsam and Jetsom is a good read also

    Amen to that. Got it for my Dad a couple of years ago for Father's Day and he really enjoyed it. My turn now and I have to read a few pages at a time because it is huge.
  • BilllikefishBilllikefish Posts: 76 Deckhand
    finished his, I think, latest one Deep Shadow a month or so ago. Entertaining.

    He was thru Eagle Eye bookstore over here by Emory U in the last month for a signing but I was away and could not make it by. Need to check out Robb White. Just started lone survivor yesterday.
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