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A little revenge at little Munyon

Gr13FGr13F Posts: 25 Greenhorn
Two weeks ago I was doing the usual Munyon Island rounds catching several trout and an occasional cuda here and there when I saw large schools of baitfish getting slammed nearby. After sneaking into casting range my 5" jerk shad was slammed as soon as it hit the water. My reel started screaming and I got a good 5 minute ride up current before whatever it was broke me off... This happened twice thanks to my 15lb leader and it was time to head in :banghead

Yesterday I sought revenge. After upping the leader on my rods to 40lb flouro it was time to hunt the beast. There were no bait fish schools getting pounded so I cruised the flats looking for any signs of the sea monster that left me feeling like a lesser angler. After 5-10 minutes I saw some tailing in the middle of the flats and new it was a school of something chasing bait. A couple of peddles and a cast and my poor little ci4 was screaming! Fish on and I'm pumped but concerned because I've never seen my drag get worked so hard! For the next 35 minutes I was pulled in circles and figure eights across the flats while my reel screamed. I chased it recovering line as quickly as I could only for it to make run after run after run.... I can only imagine what it looked like to the other anglers out there :huh

Yes it's just a jack but what a fight on 3000 size gear. I've had my yak for 8 months and it's been a great 8 months of fishing! I've learned a lot in the forums here so thanks to those that contribute. This was an epic day for me.

Im 6'1" for scale.. The grips topped out at 30lbs but being that it was heavier than my 47lb son... I'm guessing 50 or so pounds.


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