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Flouro leader turned cloudy

Can't believe I'm noticing this just now for the first time, but do you guys notice when your leader gets all cloudy or milky? I haven't fished for four months and I'm pretty sure the entire time my leader was sitting in a bag or tackle box out of the sun. It might have been exposed to some saltwater splash. The entire thing looks cloudy. I compared it to recently purchased 30lb flouro(the old stuff is 50lb) and there's a big difference. Even tried dunking them both in water and you can still see a difference.

Anyone know why this happens? Also do you guys just replace it when it gets this way? I'm assuming it would increase the visibility of the leader and therefore decrease your strikes. Maybe even decrease the strength of the leader though I haven't tested it.


  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    I'll toss it. Happens after a good fight but never new. I wouldn't trust it.
  • Yea I just bought some new stuff and compared it to the old. There's a really big difference. I'll have to strip it off all of my rods and replace it. I always buy the Ande stuff because it comes in 50 yd spools instead of just 25 and tends to be a bit cheaper.
  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 858 Officer
    Pottymouth wrote: »
    I'll toss it. Happens after a good fight but never new. I wouldn't trust it.

    I agree I wouldn't want to loose a great fish to bad leader.
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