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Contour Roam2 - anyone use this camera?

I have a hero2 with a battery bacpac for extended filming, or at least to have it on for a really long time then click it when I need to film. Kinda looking for a head mount camera for filming. I have a fujifilm finepix for stills(better than the gopro quality). The thing that I REALLY like about this camera is the single slide switch to turn it on and film at the same time. So you're saving battery because you don't need it have it on, then set it to film, then hit a button to film; just slide it on and it films instantly. I know you can't change the settings on the water but to be honest I've never played with the gopro ever the two years I've had it on the water.

Anyone have experience with this one or ones like it? Kinda looking for a head mount cam or something to shoot from the front of the yak. Wondering how it fits on the head and how long the battery last(it says 3.5 hours of footage).


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