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Looking for an idea a bit futher south - late February

Wife and I want to get some salt about the last week of February- we get to spend 4-6 weeks scattered thur out the year at SGI each year- we love it there - we are trying to plan a last week of Feb trip- concern is it can still be pretty cool at SGI at that point- March averages (according to TWC) are 70/50^ - throw in a front and you looking thur the windows instead of being outside.
Any suggestion a few hours further south? We will drive from Tennessee.
Maybe we should wait a month- I don't want to wait another month......
If we do go to SGI - I will go ahead and bring the boat down to leave at Apalach for the summer- so that has some appeal too though it is still early for much of anything but sheepies.
Thoughts?? Thanks


  • KayakMacGyverKayakMacGyver Posts: 1,010 Officer
    It really depends on what your trying to do....

    Are you looking to relax and enjoy a new place with some casual boating/fishing mixed in or...

    Are you looking to go somewhere with a hot bite for that time of year?

    Have you ever been to Panama City? It's really nice that time of year and hardly any people. Plus, you can catch as many bull reds as you want from the jetties by boat or by land. Poke offshore 5 or 6 miles and you can get into flounder and Ambjerack very easily on one of hundreds of public reefs.

    If your looking for something a little more quaint, Grayton Beach is just up 98 on your way to Destin. Very neat seaside community. Only problem there is access to offshore fishing is only via PC or Destin.

    Just my .02. If your looking to go further south, maybe Crystal River?
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  • tapatetapate Posts: 5,263 Admiral
    Key West, Islamorada?
  • Spanky DunlapSpanky Dunlap Posts: 701 Officer
    I have always enjoyed the Charlotte Harbor area. The water is clear with few rocks/oyster to hit so the navigation is pretty easy. They have beaches to fish and backcounrty bays to explore. It's all the normal SGI fish plus Tarpon and SNOOK.

    SNOOK are the bomb. :hail

    Tons of places right on the water to stay.....for all budgets and taste. It should be full on early spring down there at that time.

  • FamilyfisherFamilyfisher Posts: 3,103 Captain
    The reason Lora and I started going to Key West was that very reason. We had done Panama City several times but then we caught a "cold" spring break. We've done Key West, Marathon, and also Marco Island during early March. Temps are more dependable further south most definitely.
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  • tk's joytk's joy Posts: 2,490 Officer
    I like the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica that time of year. You can do it reasonable (I realize that reasonable is relative) if you work at it. They like Americans there too. Saw airfare R/T from ATL to San Jose @ $357 last week. Beers good, food fantastic, scenery is beautiful.......not much not to like.

  • fsuwxmanfsuwxman Posts: 1,290 Officer
    Costa Rica or the Keys
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  • Circle-HookCircle-Hook Posts: 503 Officer
    All good ideas- thanks- I got family that works at US embassy in CR and my daughter is headed there for a 3 week winter term first week January. Family is great but not always that relaxing...

    I think we will just wait till last minute and let the weather set our schedule to go to SGI- hard to improve on SGI.
    We did this 2 years ago and caught 3-4 days of upper 70's in late Feb.

    Now gotta get boat ready - which is not that easy as todays high is 32^-
  • whiteelephantwhiteelephant Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    Boca Grand/Captiva/Charlotte Harbor are great that time of year as are Cortez/Palmetto/Mouth of Tampa Bay,Skyway Bridge area. Not too terribly far either with good inshore fishing and not far out to deep water.
  • CranfieldCranfield Posts: 1,514 Captain
    If you wish to stay in Fla, we really liked Cedar Keys, not exactly a beach holiday and I don't know what the weather would be like in February, but a nice place for a short break.
    I also believe the fishing there is very good.
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