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20 year old alluminum 80

HalonHalon Posts: 146 Deckhand

I have a 1985 aluminum tank that has never been hydroed. It was purchased new at the time. Is it worth having it done or is the chance that it would fail too great to try?

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  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    It's worth getting a hydro. Some shops do it for 30 bucks but some shops won't fill a aluminum tank from 90 and before I think it was.

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  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 341 Deckhand
    Not if it is a Luxfor, they will not fill it. There was a problem with the metal and...boom!

    You could always remove the valve and save for spare parts and the tank is worth $25 at the scrapyard.
  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 5,981 Admiral
    I had a 1973 Luxfor, it had a lifetime guarantee which I did not know about. I took it to get it hydroed, it had been hydroed many times. The dive shop told me it had some cracks and was no good but because of the warrantee I got a brand new one at no charge. I would check into that, it might be fine but you may also get a new one for free.
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  • Tropic RatTropic Rat Posts: 113 Deckhand
    Head to the scrap yard ......The problem was not their fault because they got a supply of AL that had much- too- much lead in the alloy and it snuck past them. I got a bunch of them replaced (luxfor's) back in the day- but they do not replace anymore. If it is older than '88 no legit facility will hydro it and Austins will not do it for Al tanks '90 or older.

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