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2013 Highlights and Biscayne Bay report

I haven't been able to do the fishing that I'd like because of the weather, so I made a highlight reel. Thanks to everyone who post reports and advice for googans like me to learn from. I got my kayak in February this year and had zero experience fishing offshore. If it weren't for this forum I'd have no clue that pelagic species could be caught just a mile from the beach. Some people say the forums are just for bragging, but there's a lot of good info here that beginners can learn from. There are tons of guys who are willing to answer a noob's questions or offer tag along trips. Thanks for that. Even though I'm a veteran with a degree in nuclear engineering but no REAL job, I don't care cause the fishing is SO **** GOOD!!! Tight lines fellas.

On a side note, a buddy of mine said the N. Biscayne Bay trout fishing is starting to really heat up. They caught over 50 trout in 2 hours on live shrimp under a cork, fishing along the edge of the flat on first light. When they were out of shrimp, they caught some pinfish and put em under a cork, landing 2 trout around 24" and jumped a ****. They also got a few keeper grovers.


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