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12/22/13 - Kings Bay, Crystal River

HalonHalon Posts: 150 Deckhand
I needed a fix! A fishing fix, that is! I haven't been fishing in about six weeks!

This past week there was a couple of freezing (frost on the windshields) mornings. Result, fish in the warmer rivers. The plan: fish Kings Bay Sunday morning.

The 3rd Street Park launch opens at 0800 hours. I was there a few minutes earlier, it was open.

Off loaded the yak and gear. On the water by 0830 hours with a falling tide and a south south east wind.

A flock of sea gulls were flying about and periodically resting on the water in the middle of Kings Bay. Could this be a sign of bait fish in the area? I paddled to the windward side of the flock to set up the drift.

The wind pushed the yak toward the northwest and toward the birds. No whitecaps on the bay, but enough of a wind to make menuvering the yak more challenging.

My soft plastic lure enticed a few small taps. Wonder what they could be, pinfish? Something not big enough to get hooked? Continued to cast other lures, mirrodine, different color soft plastics, etc.

The silence of the moment permiated the air. A porpoise surfaced less the 20 feet from me and took a breath! Scared the daylights out of me! The single porpoise stayed nearby for about 15 minutes before moving on.

Once the porpoise left, a hook up! Boated a small lady fish!

Wind and water current speeds increased. My original plan was to move into Miller's Creek. Considering the wind and current, that changed.

Paddled into a sheltered area and cast toward the boat docks. A few taps and a good hook-up! The large lady fish made three jumps before being released?

I relaxed while casting, nice leisurely pace. Watched about a half a dozen manatees frolic in the water.

Paddled out of the cove and looked toward the open water of Kings Bay, lots of white caps! Hm, time to head in!

Checked the weather for the day. Wind at 12 mph with 20 mph gusts. Not a good choice to be on the water!

Returned to the launch site at approximately 1030 hours. Everything loaded and back to the house.

Fishing freshwater makes for easier cleanup afterwards.

Overall, a great couple of hours!



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