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Ft Pierce mixed bag

So today I meet up with an old friend (Evergladeskid) who is down for X mas break form Texas and headed out fishing. After stoping at Whites tackle we made are way to a new area that looked promising on google earth. Launch the slayers and second cast Joe hooks a 18 inch snook. Mins later I land a rat red. Start to make are way throw the mangroves and Joe hooks in to an over slot red that after a great fight brakes him off at the boat. Push on from there and we are seeing red fish everywhere. Joe picks up two decent reds sight fishing which puts the pressure on me to keep up. I start easing my way along the mangroves and spot a nice red with his head stuck in the mud. Flip my slayer sst over and boom fish on but it was short lived as he came unglued a min later. Keep pushing on and I spot another red. Same thing flip over and boom after playing monkey in the mangroves I'm holding a 27 inch red. At this point I'm pumped and before moving spots I pick up a few micro snook and joe picks up the same and another decent 27inch red. . We decided to go hit up the River a bit and and after watching a bunch of bait get slayed by some huge fish we start to throw top waters which was a great choice. As I work the bone spook along a huge wake starts to give chase and before I can set the hook my drag is screaming of my reel. After a 10 min fight and a few hundred feet later I get a glimpse of a huge jack. Joe is quick to put the grips on it and after a few pics I sent her on her way to destroy more bait fish. That was my biggest jack to date. . Called it a day after that and headed for the casa.


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