Momma said...

She was buying me a Green egg for Christmas!
So who has the best prices?
What size?
Pate, should I consider the one you got even not getting a "deal"?


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    When I shopped around a few years ago the best price in the area was a pool supply store in Thomasville. Not the chain store - sorry don't remember the name.
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    I was close. It is a really cryptic business name - The Pool Store on Smith Ave between 319 and 19.
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    ferris1248 wrote: »
    At a minimum get a large. If I knew about Pate's I would have bought it instead of my large. Just seems like his has much more versatility with the additional interior space. But don't get me wrong, the large has plenty of space too. I can do a 17 lb turkey easily, 5 butts in the 4-5 lb. range, 2 large chickens split.....

    I got the large egg, the nest, a large, large bag of Egg lump charcoal, an ash tool, a plate setter and grille picker-upper for $775.00. That was about a year ago.


    They just came out with a Primo Large that wasn't available when i bought my XL. I can give you my contact and tell him I sent you just to get a price. He will have to call his distributor though. I put a turkey on the right side of my grill, and it is 27" wide. I think 22 or 23 inches back to front.

    I think the quote I got for the BGE dealer locally is 675. They have packages up to 12 or 1300 bucks though. Prepare to be very underwhelmed at what they are getting for the tables vs what they are. And its a good idea to have the table ready to roll before the egg is delivered so you don't have to move it.
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    I agree, the large. The smaller one does not hold much.

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    $500 to $1500 for a barbecue !!!!!!!:hairraiser
    **** you boys have got too much expendable income blowing around.
    That must be a hell of a recession you are suffering from.:)
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    That seems a fair summation of the situation.
    Begging letter may follow.
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    Well if you consider it will probably out live any of us, and a nice gas grill can run you $500 and only last 5 or 6 doesn't seem so bad. If taken care of, this grill should last what... 30 years? minimum?

    Oh and you only live once cran! You forgot the 1000 dollar shotguns for each application! Some go 2000 or more!
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    I've had several grills and the Egg is great. I have two large ones. Large is a good size. Smaller sizes aren't large enough and the Xlarge requires a lot of wood and takes a while to heat. The Egg easily outlast any gas grill and require less maintenance. There are a variety of accessories. There are some imitations at Lowes, Sam's Club, Costco, etc. Stay away from these. You won't be able to get parts, accessories, etc.
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    If you can get a Primo cheaper, then get the Primo... It's every bit as good as (or better than) the BGE & apparently the sizes are the same so the accessories are interchangeable... The Large is a perfect size, but the Primo Oval has sl. more versatility (esp. if you frequently cook for more than ~2-4 ppl)
    I love my Primo & food really does taste better vs. a gas grill (which I still own & use).
    Warning- the Mesquite Lump they sell at Sam's Club is pretty strong & can be overwhelming if you don't LOVE the taste of Mesquite smoke...
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    tapate wrote: »

    Oh and you only live once cran! You forgot the 1000 dollar shotguns for each application! Some go 2000 or more!

    On the trip to Chicago, we stopped for a (very) short time at Cabela's in Louisville, KY. Walked through their "Gun Library" and saw some nice ones for sure. Nicest, by far, was a little custom over and under that had been marked down 20%. It had a tag for $40,000. :puke

    I sent a pic of it to Jacob...his response was, "Does it come with a truck?" :grin

    I have one of those "imitations" from Lowe's. It's the CharGriller Akorn. It was under $300, but I really like it.
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    Brad, if it lasts like the old Chargriller grill/smokers it will probably outlast most of us.

    My first 'griller is about 10yrs old and not hurt at all even spending the last 5 in the salt air in Steinhatchee.
    Second is 6 yrs and still looks new and I cook ALOT.
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