Wife's Christmas list includes game camera--which brand/model

In addition to wanting snake boots, table saw and other usual womanly sundries, Linda wants a game camera. Mine are all old and obsolete. What are the good ones to look at. Thanks


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    I dont know, I still hunt the old fashioned way. Find good buck sign and sit on it.
    Seems to work for me after all these years.
    I really like the surprise that I have picked the right sign to hunt and kill a mature buck,
    without pictures.
    F the feds
  • cc13cc13 Posts: 543 Officer
    It's not for hunting. It's for the bobcats, foxes, drillers that den under the house and the burglars that broke in and took our stuff. She wants to see em! I don't use them for hunting either. Not in years. Mine are old and use film and flash. She wants the new stuff.
  • tapatetapate Posts: 5,263 Admiral
    Game camera has become a vital tool in herd management.

    Moultrie makes a great cam, and cudde back used to be good. Hear positives about bushnell and stealth cam. As for models check chasinggame.com for features and reviews .
  • tapatetapate Posts: 5,263 Admiral
    You probably want a black flash product .
  • KayakMacGyverKayakMacGyver Posts: 1,006 Officer
    Bushnell trophy cam has been hands down the best camera I've ever owned. It's priced right too. Batteries last anywhere from a year to a year and a half and I think my first set took over 20k pictures (lease in Panama City had black bears) and I took plenty of video as well. Im on my second set of batteries in 3 years, that to me is the most amazing part. Definitely spend the money and get the energizer lithiums they recommend. Trigger speed is fast too. I'll post up some pictures tomorrow so you can see the quality, it's pretty stellar for a sub $200 camera

    I bought two back in August on sale at Cabelas for $130 each. Not sure what kind of deal your going to get this close to the holidays, but you might find some good deals.
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    Get a Moultrie. Best bang for your buck IMO
  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 13,490 AG
    Lots of info here but give it a look

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  • cc13cc13 Posts: 543 Officer
    I had them both side by side. I got chintzy and went with the moultrie, it was an even 100 cheaper than the hd max. I figure it ain't over yet, I can always exchange if I change my mind.
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