too far away to help

I got a buddy of mine that just moved with his girlfriend down to NORTH tampa bay from Gainesville area and he has been trying to catch fish with no luck. Its hard for me to explain to him what to try from up here. He really doesn't know how to fish, but wants to learn. He has a got a little spinning outfit with some bobbers and stuff but is using big weights and wire leaders. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take him out wading one day or take him fishing off a bridge and show him what he needs to do. He is real nice guy, around 30 years old, works at Lowes, hot girlfriend, but is lost on the fishing thing. He lives in Oldsmar by Mobbly bay and Safety Harbor. If anyone could help him out lemme know and I will put you guys in contact.


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    Why don't you have him sign up on the Forum? :shrug

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    Tell him to IM me.
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    Pics of hot girl helps here
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    hire a guide
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    Reel Irie wrote: »
    hire a guide

    I have to agree with this. I also live in north Tampa Bay. having a guide show you the area is exactly what they need. I recommend RedfishBrian.
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    A guide would be a good idea but I don't see him getting to much out of it unless its a guided wade fishing trip if he is boat less. Sounds like he needs lessons in rigging and areas.

    I am pretty sure Capt. Tommy Z still offers guided wade fishing trips as part of his business. He should give him a call. Tommy is very good about helping fellow anglers out.

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    Thanks for the replies. I am letting him know now with a message on Facebook.

    Him and girlfriend
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    Tell him to IM me.

    You have an email I could give him, being that he is not on the forum?
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    first have your friend start reading on how to rig up his gear. That would be where I would start. Have him learn what leader to use and how to tie without using terminal tackle(wire or swivels).

    Next start reading or asking what type or bait to use in certain situations. Arti's vs. live bait and the best way to present the offering in certain situations.

    all that information he can find on this forum and others on the web- it's not rocket science but does take time to learn all of the little tricks we learn over the years.

    The upper bay region is good fishing but the prime time for that area is usually later in the year fall-winter seasons- at least that is when I fish that area.

    he can wade other areas now- Dunedin Causeway- Ft. Desoto 4th street

    i would recommend a good pair of wading boots for your friend.

    this is how I started out and just progressed from there.
    You can im me for other info if needed
    good luck.

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