• wynnvwynnv Posts: 192 Deckhand
    I would be very interested in seeing what you did to the the sub. Mine sounds flat to me on some songs, and I dont think I am getting the thump or boom out of it that I should be getting. I apologize to the OP for the derail.
  • Poon AddictPoon Addict Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    In my Andros 18 (recently sold it) I had a Fusion IP600 mounted on the vertical wall of the back deck (not ideal spot but only option I had, console was full) and 4 west marine box speakers (2 large, 2 small) mounted under the gunnel. I just installed in my maverick master angler 17 a poly planar MRD80i and JL Audio MX 6.5" I mounted both stero and speakers on the console. I can't really make a comparsion between the stero units yet they seem very similar the reason i switched was the PolyPlanar was $100 buck cheaper than the Fusion. I can say the JL Audio BLOW AWAY the 4 box speakers I had in the Adros. My whole setup with addtional warranty from west marine was $530. Regardless of what setup you choose do the price match from west marine and then buy their 2yr extended warranty. It is worth every penny. No question asked they hand you a new stero or speakers. I went through 3 fusions in the Andros and they never blinked an eye at replacing them.

    PS. Widespread Panic is the best band ever!!!!!!!
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