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Malibu year model

caspercasper Posts: 3 Greenhorn
Hi all. New to the boards. First time posting.

So I've gone out with a couple of guides and I've decided to get into kayak fishing. Through much digging and a few paddle tests, I've decided on picking up a couple of Malibu Stealth 14s. While digging, I've seen that they've had problems with leaky hatches, etc, in the past ... but seem to have addressed design issues in their newest revisions.

My question is ... how do I know I'm looking at their newest revisions when I'm shopping? Is there a manufacturing date or similar stamped somewhere on the kayak? Are there stores in the Central Florida area (Orlando-Daytona-Tampa and all in between) that tend to carry the newest designs? Are there any specific design characteristics any of you can describe for me that I could look for and would let me know I'm getting the most updated revision?

All help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I'll be updating the board with successful fishing reports soon.


  • caspercasper Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Oh, quick addition, I've emailed Malibu directly, but have received no response. I thought they'd be quick to answer someone who is expressing interest in buying a couple of their yaks, but no dice.
  • Flat yakkinFlat yakkin Posts: 195 Deckhand
    The serial number will be located on the rear external part of the Kayak an the last two numbers usually are the year the yak was made. I think the malibu numbers are stamped inside a small rectangular area. I don't have any other info on when they updated their hatches. I had a 2011 stealth 12 that leaked through the hatches and was told by the dealer that the problem had been corrected... I sold it. They are solid and stable yaks though.
  • caspercasper Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Thanks, FY. Just what I was looking for. I'll keep bugging Malibu as well to see if they'll tell me what the new hatches loom like since your '11 still had issues.
  • Flat yakkinFlat yakkin Posts: 195 Deckhand
    Good luck, I hope it all works out. They are a very well built yak.
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