Sunday Morning Report

After having success on the last trip the girls kept asking me to take them out again. Only free time on the schedule was Sunday morning so I loaded the boat up the night before so we could hit the road at day break. Launched around 7:00 a.m. and headed to an area that always seems to hold reds. When we got to our spot I set up a drift and knew the reds were there after numerous "clouds" on the bottom as we drifted through. I wasn't getting anything on the spoon so I decided to put the stick pole in the ground and hold position to see if we could get them on live bait (shrimp). The wind created too much haul slap on the old jon boat so the only real option was going to be a drift. My 8 year can't quite cast far enough for flats fishing yet so she cast out as far as she could and let the line go out as we drifted. It wasn't but a minute later when I heard "Daddy, Daddy, I got one". I thought she may have been snagged on the bottom but her screaming drag said red. She tried to pass the rod to me but I told her it wasn't happening. The only help I gave her was I tightened up her drag a little and held the boat still with the pole. 5 minutes later we had a 25" red on board.

This was her first red and I am sure she will remember it. Baited her own hook, cast her own line out and reeled in the fish. Not sure who was happier. We managed a second red on a gold spoon that my 5 year old helped me reel in and a few nice trout as well. The little jon boat was fine for just me, but now that the girls are bigger and both like the water it's time for a bigger boat.


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