Installed the Battery Tender brand trolling motor plug

rehartlinerehartline Posts: 783 Officer
Nothing against the traditional Marinco plug set, but it wasn't all the reliable for me. I had to take it apart from time to time and clean and tighten things, then would still have to wiggle the thing. I looked for something a little more robust. The Battery Tender plug is rated for 100 amps of load and a solid looking product. I elongated the existing hole from the Marinco to get it to fit. The cover fits well when it's unplugged. The wiring bolts to terminals so you need to add lugs to your wiring. This allows you to use pretty much whatever size wire you want to use, but you can really tighten down on the connection. I'll let you know if I have any problems, but I don't expect any.


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    Thanks for posting your review and photos. I’ve been contemplating a Battery Tender trolling motor plug. I think you’ve convinced me.

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    They look good and accept #6 gauge wire.
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  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 783 Officer
    Update: Just spent a full week on the water and used the trolling motor, plugged and unplugged, washed the boat, etc.. This is far superior to the traditional rubber twist lock style. I haven't had any issues. This thing is solid and heavy duty. If you're considering changing your plug out, you might want to take a look at this.
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    Thanks for the info...have been considering a new plug.
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    I never liked the Marinco cover. Not very reliable. May have to give that one a try
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    Not sure how good/bad the Battery Tender plugs performs/lasts, but I think most rigging/boat shops stopped using the Marineco plugs quite a while ago...I know at least Shallow Water Customs did. A good, reliable plug is the Powerwinch plug (the electric trailer winches). Pretty inexpensive, very reliable, compact, and easy to find and replace if something were to happen. That's the plug that a lot of shops are using now.

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