anyone ever see a rogue wave offshore?

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a while back, a guy was telling me how he was out of cedar key years ago and was hit by a rogue 12 ft or so wave flipping his 20 or 22ft boat so him and his wife held on to the bow till his buddy came to his rescue.


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    I never saw one on the Gulf, but I saw one on Lake Erie. The lake that day was like glass, very smooth. We were anchor on a hole catching small mouths. My Fishing partner saw it first. What the heck is that. We worked as a team, he got the anchor up and I got the motor running and turn the boat toward the wave. It worked we made it. It wasn't huge but it was probably 6 foot high. After that it was calm as glass again. Back in the 1940's a rogue wave killed several people on the shore line of lake Erie. They do happen.
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    They do happen.

    Yep...I too have seen them on the Great Lakes and in the Gulf. They are usually bigger than the constant waves that are occurring. As to an unusually bigger wave, than what is occurring, I'd say that would be rare...but not out of the question.

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    I've been out in the gulf and been hit by a 6-8 footer out of no where, so I guess that would cout as a rogue wave. Never seen one bigger than about 10-12 feet though out there.
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    Lots of video on youtube on rogue waves. Some of them are actually pretty amazing.
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    Over the years encountered several while at sea in Navy,many different bodies of water so cant say why what
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    Was hit by one on an aircraft carrier. It was so big it shook the carrier. It also knocked about a dozen life rafts off of a catwalk that was 60 feet above the waterline.
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    tag wrote: »
    Was hit by one on an aircraft carrier. It was so big it shook the carrier. It also knocked about a dozen life rafts off of a catwalk that was 60 feet above the waterline.

    Probably just TM landing a tarpon, they splash around a lot - ya know.
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    They are more common in deep oceans with strong currents. While how they develop is not fully understood, most theories involve winds blowing against strong currents or convergence of waves coming together at different angles. The conditions for their formation are not common in the Gulf.

    By definition, a rogue wave is at least twice the height of the average wave at the time. I think that I've been hit by a few over the years in the Gulf that would meet that minimum definition. Since our waves aren't generally very high because of shallow water, it wasn't that big of a deal.
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    ShuterKing claimed there was one out at the Point that caused him to fall overboard. I was there in our skiff and didn't see the wave, but I did see his **** get wet... just sayin...:Spittingcoffee
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    a foot note, big rouge wave, did not lose, my sun glasses ,or hat , or crocks, handed bonnie the rod, crawled out and continued to fight the big ray
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