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jorsworsjorswors Posts: 54 Deckhand
I recently moved to homestead and I have been fishing some local canals looking to find some snook and tarpon, but with no luck. I mostly fly fish. I'm not asking for anyone's honey holes, but it would be great if someone can point me in the right direction. Any input would be great,thanks


  • superdupersuperduper Posts: 1,927 Captain
    keep hitting the canals. try as close to any levees as possible.

    from what i hear, the best times around the levees is high tide, and/or after rain when they often open up. if they are open, high tide is the best. id say get there the last hour or so of incoming, and work it for an hour or so after it starts going out.

    i dont fish that stuff, but thats what i hear from people that do. and they usually say the bite is short. half hour, hour maybe, then its off. so just like i say with any kind of fishing, gotta be the right place at the right time. if you frequent the spots enough, at the right time, then you may see something.

    people that fish them after rain, usually throw live baits, shiners, shrimp, something, preferably big. if i was fishing that stuff and didnt have live, i might try frozen finger mullet or something stinky and visible.

    that would be my thoughts on that.
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