Dania Beach Amberjack Thanksgiving Morning 11/28/2013

Went out for a couple of hours today with Leandro & Brian, for some COLD morning fishing. Even though the water temperature is still in the low 80's, the actual windchill was in the mid 50's. This made a sight to see. As the cold air raced across the surface, the oceans water quickly heated it up, and we were caught in the middle of what turned day into what looked like early evening. Fog..lot's of fog everywhere. I tried to capture it it with the GoPro, but I couldn't keep the lens free of humidity. We couldn't hardly see more than a few yards in front of us. But on forward we went. FROZEN buns and all else.

We wanted fish,and fish we got. On the way out through this eery fog, we caught a couple of macks,and a keeper yellow-tail.

Once we started jigging, we ran into a small school of blue runners. So that made for an early workout on the jig. They went back in though. With the swells,wind and temperature out there, we decided not to flat line live bait. Better safe than sorry they say.

Brian and I got a couple of missed hookups on the jig. I guess with the colder temperatures, we weren't thinking to straight. On one occasion my friend Brian dropped the jig in about 250ft, and got a killer hit. Whatever the heck it was, got unhooked. As he brings the jig up for inspection, he noticed that he forgot to take off the hook's plastic protective cover.:banghead. Live & Learn.

After laughing it off for a bit, we heard Leandro's "Tarzan Like" yell. Yep...we knew he was unto something big! He was fighting his first reef donkey (AJ.). About 10 minutes into the tug-o-war, the AJ shows his face. Definitely a face only a mother could love and now his new buddy, Leandro.

It was still early morning and even though we all still wanted to fish some more, we knew it was time to start heading back to shore. It seemed like no one else was out there..well that is until we noticed 2 sailboats heading right the f**K at us. With the early morning fog, neither they nor us for that matter, noticed we were heading just about into each other. So what do we decide on? Stop and Jig, Jig and Jig some more until the ships pass us by. Who knows, maybe we get hooked up. Nothing, nada, zip. :shrug

Not much more on this quick little venture. If we were able to get someone to smile:) on this Thanksgiving Day, then it was well worth our efforts. By the way...small video clip of the AJ being landed, to follow.

Happy Thanksgiving 2 All!

Fish Hard...Or Don't Fish At All.


  • lmp1978lmp1978 Posts: 154 Officer
    Nice description frank,great history. This was one of my biggest fish from the kayak, I had a very nice (cold) day on the water with you and Brian.
    I can't wait till the next one. Happy thanksgiving to everybody.
  • Ericjames22Ericjames22 Posts: 377 Officer
    Sounds like a good cold day!
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 3,969 Captain
    You guys are hard core! Way to go.

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    ― Ernest Hemingway

  • kayakfrankkayakfrank Posts: 791 Officer
    Thanks. We are just a group of dedicated rookies who love kayak fishing. We have yet much to learn before we will consider ourselves hardcore. We will fish and fish again, till we get this style of fishing, down to a science. Gotta love it or leave it. Till next time.:)
    Fish Hard...Or Don't Fish At All.
  • kayakfrankkayakfrank Posts: 791 Officer
    Cold Day..Oh Yeah.
    Fish Hard...Or Don't Fish At All.
  • LilTucciLilTucci Posts: 189 Officer
    Nice catch Leandro! Way to go on your first donkey
    Check out my youtube channel, many more fishing videos to come

    Log your trips and help the SGF with accurate stock assessments, great site
  • drod13drod13 Posts: 259 Officer
    Great catch! About time you joined the forums leandro...lol.
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  • 1OzLead1OzLead Posts: 352 Officer
    Solid work guys. Great AJ!
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,271 Moderator
    Good times guys!
    How was the AJ? wormy?
    Hobie Kayak angler for life!
  • kayakfrankkayakfrank Posts: 791 Officer
    jcanracer wrote: »
    Good times guys!
    How was the AJ? wormy?
    lmp1978 gutted and cleaned right at the beach. Inspected it and looked OK. He didn't remove head though. At home he was going to go over it thoroughly. That's one for the smoker.:)
    Fish Hard...Or Don't Fish At All.
  • lmp1978lmp1978 Posts: 154 Officer

    watch on hd for better quality..
  • FLATS BROKEFLATS BROKE Posts: 2,060 Captain
    :fishing Sweet! Out in the open or on some structure?
  • lmp1978lmp1978 Posts: 154 Officer
    I don't have a depth finder yet, so I don't know all I know is that we were in 220's my 80lb leader had some damage on it, probably we **** over something.
  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    Nice donkey! They'll make ya work, that's for sure.

    Great meat for the smoker :wink
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  • Poseidon10/31Poseidon10/31 Posts: 936 Officer
    lmp1978 wrote: »
    I don't have a depth finder yet, so I don't know all I know is that we were in 220's my 80lb leader had some damage on it, probably we **** over something.

    Ok so I just thought this reply was funny. If you don't have a depth finder then how do you know you were at 220'? Second, you "**** over" ??? Lol. Gotta love that auto correct. :rotflmao
  • lmp1978lmp1978 Posts: 154 Officer
    I know that I was on 220' because my friend frank and Brian were there with me and they have DF..
  • wellcraftwellcraft Posts: 1,333 Officer
    Man I was cold just reading this story
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