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Guana WMA Hog Slaughter on off season!

scottydentscottydent Posts: 13 Greenhorn
I spent alot of time, and money hunting Guana this season in hopes of taking a pig. It did not take me long to find a Mystery that there were no longer very many hogs hiding in the dense Swamps, and Palmetto's.
I spoke with another hunter who states that while shrimping last summer they had National Gaurd Members running dogs, and lights at night while getting in some AR practice. Later in the after noon while grabbing a beer at the Gate Station on my way out another Local confirmed the same, and told me I was wasting time. Since then I meet a guy that has a nuisence pig trapping liscense, and stated that he traps Guana year around because the fine citizen's of Nocatee have been complianing about the ''Piney Woods Rooters.''
You seem very well informed on WMA's. Can you give us blue collar managment hunters any information on this before we waste another quota? Thanks for anything?


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