Yamaha Gauges Refurb ?

tk's joytk's joy Posts: 2,490 Officer
Yamaha Gauges have started to fade. Speedo don't really care, but I care dearly for the Fuel Management and Tach. Does anybody know of a solution short of replacing these things? Oh, lesson learned, cover those things w/ a towel when leaving for awhile.


  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,386 Officer
    What part is fading, just the ring around the perimeter?
  • pupraiserpupraiser Posts: 10,261 AG
    I think he means the actual readings on the gauges. They are not cheap to replace. :(
  • tk's joytk's joy Posts: 2,490 Officer
    Yes, the whole gauge is becoming very difficult/impossible to read and yes, they are very expensive to replace. That's why I was hoping to find a "solution" to this w/o replacing. It's the fuel management that I miss the most. Typically, it's accurate to within a gallon of how much I've used.

  • Victor1990Victor1990 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    You can find some really easy to replace gauges at Ocean Guages.com. Fully customizable with readouts that don't fade in the sun. I just bought the DP4 cluster for my boat and I love them!
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