Boston Whaler 13'

HialeahAnglerHialeahAngler Posts: 9,612 Admiral
You guys have any experience with this boat? Of course it's on the small side but I'm a not a big fan of offshore fishing. Has high capacity and looks great with the teak. Little f'ers are expensive too but there's some used ones around that can be lowballed.


  • pupraiserpupraiser Posts: 10,261 AG
    Fine for one person. But two people casting = someone is going to get a hook in the ear.
  • HialeahAnglerHialeahAngler Posts: 9,612 Admiral
    no way. I've fly fished with 2 people on a 10 ft jon boat and never got hooked.
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    :BUNNY gestapo

  • pupraiserpupraiser Posts: 10,261 AG
    no way. I've fly fished with 2 people on a 10 ft jon boat and never got hooked.

    a yo yo is technically not fly fishing.
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    they are solid, stable, and dry. May shatter your spine if you run over a wake too fast, however. They do look slick, especially if you get ambitious with some sandpaper and awlgrip. And they will go all day on $40 in fuel. Hard to beat if you aren't going offshore or long distances. I used to fish one with my dad on vacation in the keys when I was younger. It was a blast fishing the reef.
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    One day we will have a boating and/or fishing forum
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    I had a 18' Outrage w/ a 150 Yamaha that would fly and was a beast(been offshore 40 miles many times). It would beat you up in rough water but, they won't sink. Whalers do hold their value pretty good. I bought it used, kept it for 9 years and sold it for $500.00 less than I paid for it.
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  • MadpoodleMadpoodle SoFlo Baby!Posts: 761 Officer
    Fished the snot out of 13's, never foul hooked my fishing buddies. Run properly they are pretty easy to drive without beating yourself up, but it takes some time to learn the tricks.

    I am hunting an 11 if you happen to run across one.
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  • fishknutfishknut Posts: 3,928 Captain
    When I was a kid my friend had one and we fished, skied, and goofed off on his. Great boat for calm water very stable.
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  • MadScientistMadScientist Posts: 3,402 Officer
    BW has great name recognition.

    If you want a comparison, I'd bet for the same price range you could something like a Palm Beach/Key Largo Whitecap 16ft. I owned a Palm Beach and also fished a Key Largo -basically the same boat. Fun little fishing boats w/ cooler seat, console live well and anchor locker. Add a cavitation plate and they ride great.

    Here's some pics, but this one is a little pricey. I think you can get one for <$5K.
  • HialeahAnglerHialeahAngler Posts: 9,612 Admiral
    Madpoodle wrote: »
    Fished the snot out of 13's, never foul hooked my fishing buddies. Run properly they are pretty easy to drive without beating yourself up, but it takes some time to learn the tricks.

    I am hunting an 11 if you happen to run across one.

    thanks guys. they do look pretty slick. I fish mostly inshore and the shallow Miami/Keys reefs for mackerel and whatnot. FWC, one of the ones being sold is actually a used FWC Whaler 13'.

    Poodle there's a few 11's for sale in the Miami Craigslist that are very nice. do a search.
  • CyclistCyclist Posts: 23,346 AG
    HATE those boats. Fishing two people is like a monkey trying to **** a football.

    Beat you to death, when you sit down your knees will be above your head, is there even one flat surface on that boat?

    Course if you need a boat that floats in three pieces, it may work for you.

    They suck something awful.
  • sjm1582002sjm1582002 Posts: 4,326 Captain
    Biggest drawback is no storage.

    Deck gets cluttered up with gear. Tackle boxes, cast nets, live well buckets, battery for trolling motor, coolers, scuba tanks and BC's, ect, ect.

    You'll not find a more stable boat that size, or one so easy to sell for as much if not more that what you paid for it (if you bought used).

    Lots of hard core Whaler kooks at:
  • GrizGriz Palm Beach Gardens, FloridaPosts: 9,790 Admin
    I had one for years. Great for what they're intended. We fished, snorkeled and skied with ours. They do ride hard, but they're easy to transports and very stable.

    I copied this into Boating as well
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  • Pioneer180Pioneer180 Posts: 124 Officer
    FWCSnook wrote: »
    ... And they will go all day on $40 in fuel. ...

    I would do almost two days on my 18' with $40. On the 13' that money should give you almost a week of fishing! For goofing around at the bay on flat days and fishing shallow water they would do fine for one person. Depends on how much gear you carry. But they are really small. Get on one or sea trial if you can and you can decide. Also maybe for the same money you can get into a 17' which will be a huge difference.. But I rather be in the water in a small boat than on the shore. ;)
  • Mako_OneMako_One Posts: 216 Officer
    back in 92 I had a 69 13 whaler with a 35HP. I regret selling her. I had a 6 gallon gas tank and would run all day. I can fish two sometimes 3 if i was just bottom fishing or spearing.
  • half shellhalf shell Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    the 13 whaler is a great inshore boat always in style and in demand
    I have one and love it
  • Paragon1Paragon1 Posts: 509 Officer
    Ive grown up with whalers. Folks started out with a 1972 17ft sakonnet (which just sold for 12K) and also have a 86 Outrage 20. There's two other 17 Montauks in the family and I own a 2010 Outrage 190. absolutely love it.
    The concern is taking care of teak though, it looks great, but if you're just going to brighten and oil it I personally find its not worth the work. Seatoll (sp) is a great sealant for the teak and i highly recommend it to keep the maintenance costs/time to a minimum. If youre going to go in on it make sure to check all thru-hulls. They dont sink, but the foam will hold water if the previous owner holed the boat.
    Sounds like you'll be in waist deep water most of the time anyway though so i wouldnt worry about sinking regardless!

    You also wont have any issues fishing 2 people out of a 13 footer at all.
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