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    micci_man wrote: »
    How about inforce that the monies given on claims be used to FULLY fix what was messed up by storms and not just "patch it" so the next storm can tear it up again and then they make another claim.

    On large losses in FL ($5K or more) the Mortgage holder is included on the check and it's up to them to police the repair. After that it's up to the insurance company to keep good records of damage so that they don't overpay for the same thing twice.
    micci_man wrote: »
    I personally think Fl should be split N and S just like the Carolinas. Draw the line between Gainesville and Ocala. S Fl has the majority of the big $$ money homes on the beach's and it hurts us up in N Fl on every claim they make.

    I don't know how it works with all companies in FL but my compay prorates it by county. For instance if the state grants a 10% rate increase you may see an 8% increase in Palm Beach County and a 2% increase in Leon.
  • RhettleyRhettley Posts: 1,545 Officer
    It's a shame we can't send a few guys from this forum, a few farmers and ranchers, a few small town bankers, and a few small business owners to DC for a few years instead of the corrupt career inept politicians there now.
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