Another Successful Night Dive!-Palm Beach

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Tuesday had a break in the waves so headed out at around 10pm when my buddy got of work. On the water we saw coast guard boats and helicopters everywhere searching for those in the recent plane crash off the coast (hope all have been found and ok, prayers go out to them and their family). Finally able to drop in at around 11:30ish.

Did our scouting and came across our first nice bug got him in the bag and a few minutes later plugged a 14in hog. After some time of not seeing much but a few turtles and octopus I came across a nice bug backed in a coral head with 2 ways out with me and my buddy on each side, I spooked out one side and we had him in the bag. Right after we got that guy I see a huge snout poking out under a ledge, landed a perfect shot through one cheek out the other, this being the biggest hog I've seen in person and the biggest I've ever bagged I was screaming underwater. We surfaced for a min right after and I guess the coast guard heard our screams of joy and came to check us out, after everything was cleared we went back down to finish up the dive. Landed 2 more nice bugs and headed in. All in all probably one of the best dives I have ever done. Saw plenty of life out there, 3 turtles, 2 octopus (or octopi?), and lots of bugs most of which were under.


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    Dang thats a great day, thats a huge hog for this side. Congrats.
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    Great job!! nice Hog.
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    Were you scuba diving or free diving?
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    George1 wrote: »
    Were you scuba diving or free diving?

    Notice tank, bc and regulator in bottom left of picture.
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    Hell Yeah....Big Hog and some nice Bugs....Congrats!!
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