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Hello all, first post since the new forum.

I am going to put a new trolling motor on my 18' Renegade Nomad. I have pretty much decided to go with the MK Riptide series (still working on the difference between the ST, SP, SF, SE). I want to be able to control it with the remote control so that I can fish from my poling platform. I was pretty sure I would buy the 55# thrust 12v and put a battery in the front compartment. I am starting to wonder if that will be powerful enough and last long enough on a charge, especially since I will also be adding a chartplotter\depthfinder combo. If I go to a bigger thrust, I have to go 24v and I think that will be too heavy to put the batteries in the front, but I could add a third one under my seat (I have a deep cycle and a cranking now). What are your thoughts?


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    Bigger is better, you will be much happier with the higher thrust and increased battery life. Remember is you ahve to run a 55# at 100percent off of one battery it will run the batt down much quicker then having to run a 80lb at 65percent off of two batteries, expecially if you fish in current. I would definitely go with a 24V system. You shouldn't add you electronics to your trolling motor batteries, they should be dedicated soley to your trolling motors. Electronice should be run off of your house/starting batteries, or however you have it configured, preferibly through a switch.
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    I run a 12V 55# Motorguide on my 18' R1860CC. While it is not a remote control model, it runs all day off a single battery and moves my boat around pretty well. I agree about NOT running anything but the trolling motor off the trolling motor battery(s). Fully loaded, my boat weighs less than yours and is a Jon boat hull design so I may also have less water resistance to deal with. Weight distribution in the boat will effect how much trolling motor you need also. The new digital technology used in Trolling Motors now helps make the batteries last longer and most give a status readout of how much charge you have left.
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    Whats the reason NOT to run anything else off the trolling motor batteries? :shrug
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    When I purchased my ’04 Action Craft 1720SE in fall ’09, it was equipped with an 80lb hand controlled Riptide. I recently replaced it with an 80lb ST i-pilot. Although I would prefer the batteries else where, the boat came with (2) group 27 batteries in the front compartment. Although I haven’t run it any differently, having the batteries in the front compartment doesn’t seem to negatively affect the performance. I would like to relocate them to the console or seating area to protect them from pounding and free-up the front compartment for tackle storage.

    When I had a 17’ Lowe aluminum boat with 70hp, I had a 24 volt trolling motor with (2) group 24 batteries near the front. Even with this light boat, the batteries up front didn’t seem to make too much difference. When I moved them to the back, I picked-up maybe 2 mph… went from 36 mph to 38 mph.

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    I have basically the same setup. 17ft Mitzi with Riptide 55lb. I have 2 batteries all the way up front. One is house and one is trolling only. I have a battery switch that I use to charge the trolling motor while running between spots. I can also switch the trolling motor to use as a house battery in an emergency. I have never had problems with the charge.
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    I have the MK 55# with co pilot and a foot control.

    I like the foot control when Im flipping docks, but the remote control is awesome for open areas and when I hae caught a fish in a heavy current area, i dont have to be on the foot controler to keep the boat from drifting back with the current.

    I agree...the 55# works well for my boat, but the hull only ways about 700lb. I dont have room for another battery to go 24v.

    I do believe in over kill when it comes to trolling motors...bigger is better.
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    The reason for not running your Electronics and lights off the trolling motor battery is because when the trolling motor turns on, there is a heavy draw and that could cause your electronics to want to shut down. Older trolling motors are also electrically noisy. This can cause Depth/Fish finders to display false information and GPS units to all of a sudden show you somewhere else.
    Just Say'n though.
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    What makes sense. So this should be OK?


    OP, go 24v, just use the biggest ga wire you can afford.
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