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Attention All Fly Fisherman & Fisherladies...For Sale Pro-Trim Fly Line Tamer Barrel

Attention Fly Fisherman.......With the FlyLine Tamer Barrel, made by Pro-Trim , you'll cast faster, farther, and easier...The answer to eliminating fly line problems during casting has finally been achieved. Tangles, foot wraps, cleat grabs, line blowing overboard, or being caught on weeds, etc., during fly casting can become a thing of the past...Prior to cast you can strip line into the barrel and you are ready to cast at any moment...when stripping line in and working the fly, the line goes in the barrel and you are ready to strike & play your fish without worrying about line tangle or snag or stepping on you line......Works equally well on land or onboard your boat......Its base provides substantial stability and will not slide because of a non-skid material fastened to its underside...Line Tamer is 36 inches tall and is 12 inches in diameter...Normal retail is about $200.00, now you can get a lightly used one in like new condition for only half- price..$100.00...here are some links .....http://burfish.com/catalog/9502.html.............. these will show pics of the unit... ..This Fly Line Tamer is Located In Naples Florida but I might be able to deliver it to you here in Florida as I travel Florida most every day....
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