Great Harbor Labor Day weekend!!! Need some tips.

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Heading over early Friday a.m. to GH through Monday. I generally go to the Bahamas 15 + times per year, but mostly Bimini, Sweetings Cay, and Sandy Pt. / Hole in the Wall. I've only been the Great Harbor once and this was many years ago. We rented a condo in the marina that looks very nice.

While we mainly spear, I'm also hoping to get some late season tuna fishing in. This will not be a super core trip and my tuna fishing will mainly run from sun up until I'll be back at the dock by 10:30 a.m. I'm trying to stay away from having to carry too much bait for chuncking etc., but will have some. It's probably easier for me to run and gun and hit the troll for starters. I'm guessing that NNW may be the bet direction given my experiences around Sandy Point. Any tips would be appreciated. I'm hoping that the dolphin may still be around too. I don't need so much info regarding how to catch, but rather more of a point in the best direction this time of year.

We will be doing some island hopping and exploring, etc. We will be headed toward the blue hole of course. Any suggestions for good spearing spots E. of GH and islands south? We like the 15-20 stuff for lobsters, etc., but also like to hit 50 to 60 as it's more challenging. It will depend on current, etc., but again a direction would be greatly appreciated. In looking at google earth, the area just to the NE of the tip of Great Stirrup looks pretty good with the edge in close.

If you have any other fun stuff that you would like to recommend, fire away. I'd gladly trade info on other great spots that I have been including Cat Island, Eleuthera, Bimini, Sweetings Cay, Mores Island, Sandy Pt., etc. Most of my stuff is diving and kitesurfing, but it's really all about the adventure isn't it?

Thanks in advance.



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    Whats Happening Sleepwalker,

    Were crossing over to Great Harbour Cay Friday and coming back Tuesday...were leaving from Government Cut hopefully early AM on my friends 29 Twin Vee. I really dont do to much trolling or running and gunning this late in the year still to hot, but you can always run across something north of GHC or the pocket.
    Best bet dive early morning, deep drop mid day and the yellow tail and cuberas should be thick at night.

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    Cool. Thanks for the info guys. Dirty, where are you staying? In the Marina? I'm at the first building on the left when you pull in. Also, what VHF channel are you going to be on? Def hook up for a beer.

    I was lucky enough to get some good dive numbers from a buddy that has a house there. I'll put in some time either a.m. or p.m. for a shot at tuna daily. I'm sure I'll get 1! It's more of a relaxed trip for us as we have 1-2 new crew of the female variety...

    It looks like the only bummer being that it takes a while to get around to the E. side from the harbor. I'm running a twin inboard w/ pockets so I draw 2.5 ft. I'll probably stick with the long route aroud L. Stirup.

    Pre-mixing ceviche to just add fish! Bringing a few SUP's and some kitesurfing stuff just in case we get some breeze. Have to make the most of it no matter what the conditions! See u there!!!

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