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I have a 2005 Scout 160SF with a 2004 Yamaha 60hp TLRD 2 stroke. I want to get a SS prop to improve performance and possibly top end, plus having an extra prop on board. I was unable to get the diameter and pitch for the prop off the prop. I contacted Scout and according to their records, the prop is 13 1/4 x 17. It is pretty dinged up and needs refurbishing at the least.

The hole shot is decent and am running 51-5200 rpm at WOT with the trim up. She is on plane in just a few seconds. She runs about 34mph with just me, a half tank of fuel and fishing gear. If I researched correctly, the range for this motor is 4500-5500. I am looking to get at least the same hole shot with increased top end. Is it best for the motor to be near the top of the rpm range at WOT? Is so, I would need a lower pitched prop right? If the prop pitch is lowered, then the rpm increases. That would improve holeshot I believe, but would the resulting increase in RPMs also improve top end? Is a ventilated prop better than a non-ventilated? I am looking for a good brand of prop and pitch recommendations based on the above information. Also, any recommendations on who I could contact locally to purchase a SS prop from? Any info is most appreciated and thanks for your input.
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  • VeroDDVeroDD Posts: 317 Deckhand can answer your questions. They have a very responsive forum.
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    Thanks for the reply. I looked at their site and one of the guys from propgods replied to a forum post from a guy who wanted prop advice on a smaller engine like my 60hp. He advised that they only deal with larger engines. I went by Outcast Motorsports off of HWY 92 and John was very helpful in helping me select the right prop for my boat. I would recommend them if you are looking for prop advice for your boat.
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