Lower Unit work stand on a budget

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I have around 15 lower units that need to be rebuilt, checked, serviced ect. My black and decker work mate was starting to get tired so I have been looking for a nice work stand for lower units. Kerrs makes a real nice stand that most of the shops around use but **** they want wayyyyyy to much money for that sucker. So I started thinking...... I looked at the kerrs stand and decided it wouldent be real hard to make my own. I started with a harbor freight 1000lb engine stand because it already had the rotating mech that I needed and in my shop, mobile is key so being on wheels already was good. it cost 59.99 but with a 25% off coupon is was only 45 bucks. I had some 1in square tubing laying around from something else I had recently made. a little bending and a little welding later here she is. after I tested it in the pics I added a support but you get the idea. I figured there might be some people out there that are in the same boat I was in and needed a cheap way to work on our lower units. all in all it probably would cost less then $70






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    dang good idea...I made one from 2x4's that just sits on the ground, no where near as nice as that one
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    Very nice!! Way better that the old black and decker.

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    I had made something like that years ago, the only problem I had was if you had to turn, tighten or pull something like a bearing carrier too hard it would want to roll around. I have also made an outboard engine stand out of the larger version of that stand.
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    If your just doing the impellar, I've found two 2x4's nailed to the workbench works pretty good. Yours looks good if you need to change a seal or get into the gears and prop shaft.

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