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Smoked Leg Quarters & trying out the new camera

Since my old Olympus C-740 gave up the ghost I got the C-750 off of eBay. Found some monster size Chicken quarters and thought I would take some snaps.

Didn't brine the quarters, never do. Applied some McCormick Chicken rub with some Kicken Chiken added. Just a shake or two. I like to smoke at a lower temp to allow the chicken to stay in the smoke longer. Around 220º.

Used a combo of Pecan wood and Cherry. Gave them an occasional spritz of Canola Oil w/Lemon Juice

My wife wants chicken DONE. No blood can be seen :nono
So did not remove until I hit the 165 to 170º IT

Want to crisp up the skin though so over to the gas grill for a bit. Finished temps 180º. Still moist and juicy.

I love the carolina mustard sauce with Chicken. Really provides a nice zing to the meat.

Test done, camera looks good.

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