Bimini ferry dock 10/30

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Just a heads up. Here's the progress of the new ferry dock as of 10/30. We did some free diving a half mile north of it and the water clarity was no better then 15 feet ,south of it diving was around hundred feet . No silt barriers to be seen.


  • Typically that kind of pile driving does not produce much turbidity. Wait until the dredging of the turn basin and filling of the Island. Almost no way to control the turbidity with any reason with that kind of work, here in US we use a trick called mixing zones. That is the area where the highest turbidity is mixing with the clear water. After about a 500 meter mixing zone, that's where we measure turbidity.

    In US usually in port dredging we allow 29 NTUs above background for allowable turbidity. Trust me, that looks like milk in the water and is very harmful to coral reefs. When we did work in FKMS, we were allowed zero turbidity above background and some work was canceled due to inability to work with those parameters.

    You guys are going to DIE when you see the turbidity and associated silt during dredge and fill ops!
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