Large Cobia, Skinny Water

Albino TarponAlbino Tarpon Posts: 12 Greenhorn
Here is a video I put together of a Cobia I caught off a stingray's back on a topwater lure. I did not see this 22lb Cobia at first, but I threw in front of the ray just in case and was rewarded. Other than catching this Cobia on the back of a stingray, I have also caught a few trailing behind a manatee. Lets hear some other experiences with Cobia.

Rare Albino Tarpon Footage-


  • DragScreamerDragScreamer Posts: 1,475 Officer
    Let's go fishing!
  • CanebrakeCanebrake Posts: 25 Greenhorn
  • SpoontasticSpoontastic Posts: 127 Officer
    Nice video. Never come across any that big in all the skinny water fishing ive done
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    It's a common occurrence in the Keys, notably around and west of Key West, in the early-mid Spring.
  • If1shalldayIf1shallday Posts: 464 Officer
    I had no idea that your youtube channel existed! I live in Punta Gorda so I am right in your neck of the woods. I just subscribed and liked the cobia video. Nice channel hope to see more content soon. :)
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