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Shore fishing help in Clearwater/Tarpon Springs....

Laker 619Laker 619 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
We are going to be visiting New Port Richey in Sept. We are avid fishermen in the midwest but have never saltwater fished. We were hoping to convert some of our poles to be able to shore fish while down in the Clearwater and Tarpon Springs area? What type of line? Hooks? Bait?
Suggestions on locations to fish at? Skyway bridge--is it worth the drive from New Port Richey? Honeymoon Island? Howard Park?
When we were down there last year we went fishing off the Pier in Clearwater, which was a bust but that was during the middle of the day and it sounds like, from reading these forums, that early morning or after 6pm is the best time to fish.
Thanks for each of your time and input, we really appreciate it!


  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 11,500 AG
    I would post this in the WC General section, that's where you'll be fishing. :fishing

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  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,419 Admiral
    The Skyway and Ft.Desoto is a long ride from Dunedin ,are any of your bass rods spinning outfits ? Bring those.You can fish the Dunedin causeway , Honeymoon and Caladesi Island (if you want to take the ferry over).Bring some #20 and #30 mono leader tie 3' of it to your mainline uni/uni add a 1/0 circle hook and freeline bait, you can pick up shrimp and pinfish right there @ the causeway on the way out to Honeymoon (Barracuda Bob's Bait & Tackle).If you wanna try artificials you can pick up some 1/4oz mission fishin jig heads there at the same bait shop in red or chart. get a couple packs of Gulp Shrimp 3" in glow and new penny work/twitch them like you would a worm for your bass.You'll see others out there wading and what not..Anymore ??'s post back in here or in the West Central general info section.Good luck.
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