Birthday Buffet of Fish..

Well I woke up this morning to find myself one year older. The wind forecast was out of the NNE @ 15-20 but when I walked outside this morning at 5:30 it was dead calm. Loaded up the yak and heading up around the St Lucie PP. Throw the cast net one time and catch plenty of 3" bait. "Wow, things are going great so far" I'm thinking. I launch and head to my spot. Bait is getting blasted from every angle, I grab a bait but him on, and cast out. I put the rod in the holder and go to grab my other pole with the lure. No sooner than I touch it, my live bait gets slammed by a Giant jack. Get the fish in after a nice fight, and then re-bait. Toss out another bait and then toss a lure up into the mangroves. No sooner do I twitch the top water it get crushed, then I hear my live bait get crushed again.The fish that hit the top water leaps and it's a nice snook so I let the live bait rod just double over in the rod holder till I land the snook. A nice 31" fish, put in on a lip tool and then fight my other fish, another BIG jack. I took a picture of the snook, and I was in such great spirits I decided to release it to fight another day. The morning continued like this till about 8:30. The wind started to pick up and I had gotten hit by a few passing showers but I wanted to fish a little bit longer.

I'm glad I did. I was working a lure in about 4' when it gets crushed and line starts screaming toward the mangroves. Managed to keep her out of the roots and forced her back to deep water. Maybe it was karma for letting the other one go but this one was 34" and a fatty. Took her glamour shot and she swam away. It was an exciting birthday morning to say the least. Caught Snook, Trout, Ladyfish, Bluefish, Jacks, and a few other crap fish. I hope this is a sign for things to come in my 38th year on this planet !!..

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  • SkunkLifeSkunkLife Posts: 545 Officer
    Solid pull man.
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  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain
    Happy Birthday and nice snook.
  • davederbdavederb Posts: 887 Officer
    Way to spend your birthday. Nice fish!! Happy belated!!
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  • PBG-JohnPBG-John Posts: 419 Deckhand
    Not bad there, old man.
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  • ChobeeboysChobeeboys Posts: 417 Officer
    Happy Birthday, Nice Snook.
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  • kayakfrankkayakfrank Posts: 791 Officer
    Solid Snook. Happy B-Day to ya!:banana
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  • summer dazesummer daze Posts: 883 Officer
    Thanks everyone...
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  • SpoontasticSpoontastic Posts: 127 Officer
    Nice snook. Had a similar day just 2 days ago. Granted smaller snook than your monster but did however make up for it with a 30 in trout, and the biggest jack ive ever hooked.
  • summer dazesummer daze Posts: 883 Officer
    Nice snook. Had a similar day just 2 days ago. Granted smaller snook than your monster but did however make up for it with a 30 in trout, and the biggest jack ive ever hooked.

    That 30" Trout is no slouch !! How big was your Jack ? My biggest was around 30lbs, but caught it out of my Pathfinder. If I were in my yak that Jack would of been a long battle. !!
    Tight Lines..
  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 836 Officer
    Happy birthday Bro! Nice way to celebrate. Hope you have many more days like that.
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  • Well done sir
  • abm5926abm5926 Posts: 186 Officer
    Nice snook!
  • lmp1978lmp1978 Posts: 154 Officer
    Way to celebrate your B-day… happy BD men!!! nice catch! where is this place?
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