Got the stink off

flydownflydown Posts: 6,462 Admiral
Well I managed to weed one of the dumb ones out of the shallow end of the gene pool. Not much to the story, early Saturday morning he came in through the swamp eating submerged acorns. The 50 caliber did it's job.
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  • If_it_flies_it_diesIf_it_flies_it_dies Posts: 1,130 Officer
    Nothing wrong with that deer, nice!
  • wilburzwilburz Posts: 940 Officer
    thats a beautiful buck! Congratulations!

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  • cypresscypress Posts: 400 Deckhand
    nice buck
  • huntmstrhuntmstr Posts: 6,285 Admiral
    Yes sir! Glad you got him. He never would give me a clean shot in those short pines back in archery. Congrats again buddy.:thumbsup
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  • mickmick Posts: 162 Deckhand
    Nice deer,congrats
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  • LickskilletLickskillet Posts: 168 Officer
    Nothing like that boom echoing through the swamp!
    Is it bow season yet??
  • mrbillmrbill Posts: 1,175 Officer
  • JRussellJRussell Posts: 1,411 Officer
    Very nice!!! Congrats!
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  • BustinEmBustinEm Posts: 245 Officer
    Great buck. Nice work
  • bluewatermafiabluewatermafia Posts: 535 Officer
    Nice man! Congrats! Love that second picture!!!

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  • Lc-hunter86Lc-hunter86 Posts: 2,927 Captain
    Dang it John that's a sho nuff Goodun!!
  • James243James243 Posts: 698 Officer
    Awesome buck, looks like a fun drag.
  • snookslayersnookslayer Posts: 51 Deckhand
    Nice and wide. Very nice deer
  • gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,520 Captain
    someone beens watcing too many Big Deer Shows on TV.

    Aint nothing wrong with that John. Remember we are in the Sunshine State.
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  • InsaynInsayn Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Nice Buck!!
  • ReelAffair23ReelAffair23 Posts: 788 Officer
    Congrats to you, that's a dandy!!
  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,462 Admiral
    Thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate them! And James, it was more of a float out than a drag.. Lol!
    And I didn't mean to lessen the buck by saying he was dumb, I just meant that every dog has his day and mine came last Saturday.
    When I first saw him slipping through the swamp, I didn't get much of a look at his antlers other than long main beams. The G-4's and 15.5" inside spread were a nice bonus.
    DYING for me was the most HE could do. LIVING for HIM is the least I can do
  • hoggatorhoggator Posts: 318 Deckhand
    Sweet deer!
  • redfishrobredfishrob Posts: 270 Officer
    Looks like a baby cow jeez alou man that's a good un
  • james 14james 14 Posts: 2,873 Moderator
    Congrats again John! Did you measure him yet? I know you didn't think he'd make 100" but he's gotta be darn close if he doesn't.
  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,462 Admiral
    I'll put a tape on them after I get the skull macerated, James. He's going to push around 100" gross, but won't net registry.
    DYING for me was the most HE could do. LIVING for HIM is the least I can do
  • fatpossumfatpossum Posts: 195 Deckhand
  • anglingarchitectanglingarchitect Posts: 1,485 Officer
    You took some great pictures of a nice spot, and a great deer, congrats man.
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  • down4dacountdown4dacount Posts: 2,580 Captain
    Yeah buddy , that's a good one . Congrats again bud .
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  • rutaddictrutaddict Posts: 116 Officer
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm lacking to see any G5's?
  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,462 Admiral
    rutaddict wrote: »
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm lacking to see any G5's?

    My bad, I meant 4's.
    DYING for me was the most HE could do. LIVING for HIM is the least I can do
  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 12,399 AG
    Congrats man :beer
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  • gottheitch22gottheitch22 Posts: 4,145 Captain
    congrats nice buck
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  • BowtechGen3BowtechGen3 Altoona, FlPosts: 774 Officer
    Congrats on a Nice Buck!
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  • ReaperReaper Posts: 486 Officer
    Awesome, nice deer!
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