Knot: Big fluoro leader to hook?



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    finbully wrote: »
    best advice in the thread - learn to tie a couple of knots blindfolded - when the boat is rocking side-to-side, slamming waves on the anchor, etc and you'll be good to go

    While this is in fact excellent's not for THIS thread.

    The original question was about securing a hook to relatively thick, seaguar fluro carbon leader. That's kind of a "special" application and the same knot you use for 40# mono is not going to work with 90# fluro. It's true you only need to learn a few knots but you need to know the RIGHT knot for the situation. There are in fact some really bad suggestions on this thread for the OP's question and I only hope nobody losses a trophy fish because of them.

    I'll bet anyone on this thread that has suggested something other than a snell or crimp for 90# seaguar floru that their knot fails long before either choice and, in some cases, won't even make it to half the breaking strength of the leader.
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