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It's What's For Dinner!

KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,997 Captain
A lot of people ask what we do with what we harvest in the Keys. My blushing bride :grin said she wanted a seafood dinner for her "Sweet 64th", so I broke out the lobster & grouper, made a little homemade ice cream. The girls made a devils food cake & we put on a feed :beer

She wanted a few lobster
A little homemade ice cream

I decided to boil some lobster(requires a lot of melted butter & fresh lime juice) as well as frying some grouper & lobster
The final products
The granddaughters seem more excited than Memi:grin

I thank God every day that I'm able to go to the Keys each year and harvest the bounty it has to offer, affording me the opportunity to make these gatherings so special:thumbsup
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