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need ideas

Hey guys I go to school in orlando and I desperately need to do some saltwater fishing. Are there any good options for me around your region without a boat? I'm thinking about trying to get in on some mullet run action but i have no idea where to go for good beach access or where to get to a river or anything. Thanks for your help.


  • catchme1catchme1 Posts: 235 Deckhand
    Try starting at around Patrick Air force base south of there most beach access is free parking. Beach access in port Canaveral is free parking. If you can find bait on the beach there are fish around.
  • Gooner PyleGooner Pyle Posts: 188 Officer
    You'll have to pay a couple bucks but you can access quite a few areas to fish from the shore or wade fish in the mosquito lagoon and indian river through the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. It's easy to get to, within about 45 minutes of east Orlando. Take 50 east to Titusville, north on 95 1 exit to 406/garden street and run that east over the causeway. I think most of the fees are only like 5 bucks a day or you can get a year pass for like $15. The previous suggestions are good too, it just depends on what you're looking for. One more thing about fishing in the refuge, you need a refuge fishing permit, which is free and self issuing. Just go to the refuges website, print out to form/rules, read, sign and carry with your fishing license. They have several roads that go through some of the back woods spots there where you can access various areas of water without having to fish around 10,000 other people.
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