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Yep, another boring and bland..unexciting inshore report. Not even sure how I can make something you do every day "exciting".
Sex with a supermodel every day might be bland and unexciting...but if that ever happens..I'll be sure to let you know. :wink

Yesterday, I left my spot pretty upset. I had a pretty good morning considering how bad the conditions were wind and water wise.
The first stop was a windy point that nobody was home on. Next was a piece of hard bottom that has had some big trout on it. Nothing there till I see some bait shower about 40 yards down. Pitch that way and am instantly hooked up to a very top of the slot Red...put up a great fight. Left there and stayed put on the next spot since it was somewhat wind protected I managed to wrestle 3 more mid to top slot Reds from the mangroves and had picked up three trout in the 21-24 inch range. As I was leaving and letting the wind take me out of the spot...I see "her".... a full on monster with a lateral stripe as wide as my thumb! I have a half drowned mullet but have no choice but to toss a Hail Mary at her... She swims up and the wind is pushing me on her so in desperation I twitch it once...and she nails it! I'm fairly confident since I am now way off the shoreline as she screams line off the little 260 Slammer. As she's running I clear my landing net and start the trolling motor her way since I didn't want the wind pushing me away and her hauling butt the opposite way. I get her stopped and turned but there is a lot of water on this flat and I manage to regain maybe 20 yards but as she is now coming downwind at me she turns on a burst of speed....and gets her big butt under the "groves"...and she's gone... :banghead I was sure there was plenty of space off the shoreline but she was a real fighter. I was so upset I just put the rod in the holder and headed in.

Today, I'm re rigged and with the first fish in the dark...a large trout...I have that **** moment....Yep, the reel was busted. That she devil snook burnt that Penn Slammer to the ground.... Gear (occilator gear) was stripped which made getting the trout in a real struggle.... Next fish is a good while later and it just so happen that as I hook up and am fighting this fish...two old ham fats in one of the Oyster point time share rental boats sees this and makes a bee line straight to me....runs to within 30 feet of where my baits are stops...heaves the anchor out with a throw worthy of an Olympic hammer thrower...and shuts everything down..
Thanks Pal! :banghead
Leave there and head to my next spot...a grab bag place where I never know what or if i'll get anything..but get this...


Small ( very small) consolation prize after yesterdays loss.

I realize that I just need a Red for #54 and feel that it is a non issue....Well...not that easy! Spot after spot is high junked out water...This North wind has filled the river to full. Decide that I will run south to a nearly sure fire Red spot. Get there...wind is not quite right but I think I can make it work.... See a Red up under a point..but no go... Worried now that it may have been my only chance. Move down to a little secondary point and toss to it....Line goes slack :huh Ummm... Oh ****!....We're on!

wrestle it off the shoreline and at 9:35 It's slam #54

There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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