Bimini Bahamas: 08/11-14. Last hurrah before school starts

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A late report but…..better late than not.

A month in advance we made reservations at Bimini Big Game and as the date approached it was awesome to see that we had a clear weather window! Our last hurrah before school was to start was a go! With this being our second Bimini trip of the summer our small 24’ Boston Whaler Outrage, Bare Necessities, was already to go. This fell under the 90 day cruising permit we had so at Immigration all we had to pay was $20 for a 4th person (at the time of this trip the cruising/fishing permit was only good for 3 people).

Rather than narrate too much I’ll let the photos tell the trip.

Crossing over….almost like Lake Atlantic
(Ft Lauderdale in the background)

Settling in for a good read

The first day, Friday was a bit stormy and windy so we stuck around Cat Cay to the south and just looked around eventually pulling up to a beach and just walking, shelling, and snorkeling around.


Since it was pretty calm on Saturday we ran up to Isaacs’s.

Isaac Light house

We fished a bit too.

Typical yellowtail


Saturday evening was spent in a golf cart motoring around Bailey Town and saying Hi to a few friends. One of our friend’s grandsons, a 10 year old, jumped in the cart with us to show us where they were. Since our cart didn’t have lights we used a bright flashlight and managed just fine, eventually making it over to Sarah’s for a lobster, porkchop & hamburger dinner. The food as usual was very good but we had forgotten to bring bug spray so the mosquitoes ate good too.

Early Sunday morning just before crossing back over we visited another friend and he invited us to go conching. So we postponed our departure by a few hours and followed him out. That was an awesome way to end our short 4 day trip hanging out with Joe just talking about everything under the sun while Bo Bo and our kids conched.

Casey throwing conch in the boat

Joe & Bo Bo “knocking em out”

Lake Atlantic crossing back
(Bimini in the background)

Stopping at a floating pile of polypropylene rope we didn’t find any dolphin but did find a small tripletail.

Casey’s tripletail on the crossing

Hoo Yah!! Gotta love Bimini!

A couple of final notes/advice. I’d add don’t leave your “smart” cell phone on as you cross over. You’ll unknowingly incur data charges. And finally to put things into perspective as to how things happen despite careful inspections/preparations prior to a trip like this, crossing back from Bimini to Florida, 1.5 miles east of the Ft Lauderdale inlet our starboard engine (new F150s) suddenly shutdown. Having no idea what the problem was I tilted one engine up and ran the 1.5 miles back in one engine at 20 mph (4500 rpm). Now that it’s back from the mechanic the problem was determined to be a fuel pickup pipe had broken off (inside the fuel tank). We’ve prophetically replaced the other pickup pipe too. It’s always something.



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