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Hurry. Title says it all.


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    Too late :(
    There should be NO Commercial Fishing for any fish species considered 'Over-fished' , 'Undergoing Overfishing' or Subject to Recreational Seasons, Limits, or Closures... Game Fish Status IS the Answer !!!
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    I got a 1.5 and a 4. Wasn't planning on any new fly rods, but 2 reels for under $280 was too good of a deal to pass. I see a 4-5wt and a 10wt in my future.
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    Sierra Trading Post has them for $155 to $200, depending on size. Not a great deal, but you can find a 20% off coupon thru Google Search that brings them down even more.
    Nice reels for the price, but keep the spool on the frame when you soak them after a day in the salt or it ruins the drag.
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    Those reels need to be disassembled rinsed and let to air dry dissasembled, only when everything is dry again you can put it back. I was sold on the waterproof drag, and when I realized that if you needed to exchange spools, you would have to expose all the insides to the elements, I was a little dissapointed Great smooth drag though. mine started to have some corrosion...and the manufacturer told me to rinse everything in the inside and let it air dry.
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