Humminbird 797 Fish & CHips

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I bought a Gold Fish & Chips for my Humminbird 797 c2 si, about three years ago. I thought that the chip had to be in the unit to function and did not permanently upload to the 797. Is that correct? also have there been any updates to that chip. The chip was discontinued about the time I bought it so don't know if updates have continued. Please advise.



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    Hi FLCoyote,

    you are correct, the chart must be in the unit for it to work. its never uploaded onto it just read off the card.

    There have been no updates to the "fish n chip" card however that whole layer has now be upgraded to the SonarCharts layer. this is the one foot contours that change and improve based on updated sonar logs. For example, on your hummingbird, you can record sonar while you boat or fish, onto a blank SD card, upload it to our website, do a Freshest Data update to your navionics card and you will get all new one foot contours from where you and every one else submitted. a Crowd source inititiative to help with all the changes or areas that have nothing. check our website under sonarcharts for more info and also look at the web app, that has a sonarchart icon at the bottom left that will show you current data.
  • FLCoyoteFLCoyote Posts: 271 Deckhand

    My mother board went out in my computer so lost most of my programs. I remember you sent me a link for a map download that very handy. I can't remember much except it covered the gulf off of Panama City. If possible please send it again, if not thank you very much for previous assistance.

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