Cayo sup

Anyone on here have any exp on these sups? Seem to be very similar to dragonfly boat works sup. Pete any input I know you have a dragonfly and they are pretty sweet but don't think I can sell the wife on 1900 dollar bare paddle board.
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  • panga surferpanga surfer Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    I have a Cayo. It is awesome. If you are into stalking fish quietly it does not get any better. I use it in Mosquito lagoon for redfish, in Flamingo in the no motor areas, in the keys on the flats. I have caught redfish, snook, trout, jacks, and permit off of it. I have hooked up and fought several tarpon off it. Have not landed one yet though. It is quiet even in moderate chop with the sharp nose. It is quite stable. So to me spending that kind of money is worth it if that is what you really like to do. The guy who makes them is named JB and he is in the Tampa area. There are a couple of different sizes now too. Hope that helps.
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