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Tarpon Tales (Late Report)

LokiLoki Posts: 141 Officer
First time I had to chance to write this report. Went Tarpon fishing last week. Saw one roll, tossed out and bang, I’m on. Landed him in relatively short order. Paddle back to the same spot, saw another roll, toss out and I’m on in back to back casts. This one was more feisty, but I land him. Paddle back for the triple play, saw even more roll and again I hook up. Brought him in after a series of jumps. By this time, every flats boat in a 5 mile radius is around me and the bite dies. Tired, I go home.

Tried another part of the bay the next day. The water looked dead, no tide or signs of life. I began tossing a jig with my trout rod. After a while, I catch a palm sized blue runner. Knowing there are big cudas that cruise the bay, I put the runner on my Trevala and toss it behind me. I return to my trout rod and as soon as the jig hits the water, the rod with the runner goes off. Thinking I got a big cuda on the line, I turn around to see a sizable tarpon skyrocket! I pick up the rod as the tarpon was peeling off line at a fast rate. The initial run nearly spooled me then it jumped again. I was surprised how far the fish was away at this time. I start regaining line, deployed the drift sock and start the battle. By this time multiple boats came by to watch the fight. Though not asked, one boater was even nice enough to crank his stereo so I could fight the fish while listing to the music of Pitbull. I get the tarpon up to the yak for a picture or two. I saw she was still active, and deeming the fish caught, I simply cut the line close to the hook. She swims off healthy. All said, I went 4/4 in two days.







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