FS: New Van Staal CVEX 7/8 Silver

catch itcatch it Posts: 136 Officer
Never used. In box. Includes papers and cover. $350 shipped.


  • clampmanclampman Posts: 130 Deckhand
    If you will accept a Postal Money order , I will take it.

    Edit: Forgot about retrieve. Need right hand. Thanks. Never mind. Just saw it's a simple bearing turn over on youtube.

    PS: Just to be clear, by "never mind" I meant that the retrieve is not an issue. I will take it.
  • catch itcatch it Posts: 136 Officer
    I will take a MO...but would prefer PP. PM me for details.
  • clampmanclampman Posts: 130 Deckhand
    Sent at noon.
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,325 Captain
    Good score Jim, you're lucky you beat me to it. I have a 9/12 that's one of my fav's. Rob Keolwyn has a new reel design, doesn't have the look or the heft of the Cvex, but it is completely water tight.
  • clampmanclampman Posts: 130 Deckhand
    I needed another smaller reel. I've heard good reports about them, and am glad to hear you concur. I got two NV's in larger sizes and have been happy with them and am pretty sure that their drags are completely waterproof - but they rarely come on the secondary market.

    I met him at his shop in CT in the 90's looking to buy some of his older machines since he had bought new CNC machining centers. Both he and his engineer/machine programmer were really nice guys and we spent quite a bit of time BSing. I think he was only making spinning reels then - but I can't remember.

    Who is Rob Keolwyn? Never mind, just did a search for Van Stall MFg, Fairfield CT and see that's the name of the guy I was talking with. My memory for names usually is only good for a few milliseconds, so that's not surprising.

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